QotD: Taking A Leap

What's a leap of faith to you? Have you ever taken one?

It's going with instinct rather than evidence.

I think the first big one I made was to study architecture instead of graphic design when I was seventeen, then the second was not pursuing a career in architecture to take a job working for a small group making websites in a basement in London circa 1995…

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Dear mobile telephony corporations

I've said it before, and I'll say it again – please can you stop using gentle nu-folk songs on all of your advertisements in order to prove how human and approachable you are?

It's not working to disguise the abstract and willfully-complex nature of your service plans, and it's boring.


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Trained Security Monkeys only

Fiona's exhibition opened – and it's first weekend has been a blockbuster!

I went to the official opening this Thursday and wandered around the place beaming, not just from being an absurdly-proud spousal unit – but also the amount of fun and play that has been packed into this thing.

You can tell it was orchestrated by a woman with an unhealthy love of Warioware.

More photos here.

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You have to admit, the man can turn a phrase.

There's something of the apocalyptic preacher about this

"The human race has spent two industrious centuries unearthing the planetary dead and setting them aflame in the sky. There is hell to pay for an affront like that, and it's all ahead of us in this century".

Bruce Sterling on the Viridian List, as quoted by John Thackara on the Doors of Perception mailing list

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