A New Career in a New Town

Last week was my last week at BERG.

Later this month I’ll be starting work at Google, specifically their Creative Lab in NYC, as Interaction Design Director.

I’ve worked with a few of the team there on projects at BERG, such as Lamps and Connbox – both of which are some of my favourite output of the studio. During working with Creative Lab I was struck by the width of their brief, and the depth of talent they had in their studio.

Late last year I became a dad, and while I took time out from BERG to help look after our new twins the opportunity to work with Creative Lab arose.

I’d loved the time I’d spent helping build BERG. We’d gone from a small creative partnership to a studio of more than 15, whose work was featured in MoMA and the Metro, cited by the late Steve Jobs and sneered at by Jeremy Paxman… And finally, releasing its own groundbreaking internet-of-things platform and products, that got nominated as a design of the year…

But. Y’know… Google.

There’s nowhere bigger, or more ambitious.

The canvas is the future of everyday life, for nearly everyone.

How we learn to live with and use artificial intelligence. How to honestly and simply communicate products and services that mere months ago seemed science-fictional, so that people can evaluate them properly and, hopefully, become literate in them.

How we make sufficiently-advanced technologies distinguishable from magic so that everyone, not just a priesthood, benefits.

The opportunities are massive, as are the responsibilities and the criticisms.

Too much to pass up.

So – I’m joining old friends such as Iain, and new comrades such as Ben, Alexander and many others, at Google Creative Lab.

I’m keeping an “at-large” advisory role at BERG as it focusses on its product business turning BERG Cloud into the OS for the Internet-of-things.

I’m moving to New York.

A new career in a new town.