My knees have joined Twitter

My knees have joined twitter, originally uploaded by moleitau.

I’ve got two weeks until I run my first half-marathon in Helsinki, and for reasons of disaster, debauchery, duty and plain-old laziness I’m well behind in my training.

So, I thought I would try some auto-cyber-bullying.

I’ve often said that my favourite people on twitter are inanimate objects, so I’ve created a twitter account for two things that won’t be animate for much longer: my knees.

The theory being that you can follow along the final two weeks of my training, and if you see me skipping or slacking, you can shout marine-corps-drill-instructor-full-meta-jacket-style abuse @moleitausknees.

In order to further-up-the-social-pressure, I’m running to raise money for The Parkinson’s Disease Society, so please do pop-along to my justgiving page and put something in the pot to make sure I finish

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