My knees have joined Twitter

My knees have joined twitter, originally uploaded by moleitau.

I’ve got two weeks until I run my first half-marathon in Helsinki, and for reasons of disaster, debauchery, duty and plain-old laziness I’m well behind in my training.

So, I thought I would try some auto-cyber-bullying.

I’ve often said that my favourite people on twitter are inanimate objects, so I’ve created a twitter account for two things that won’t be animate for much longer: my knees.

The theory being that you can follow along the final two weeks of my training, and if you see me skipping or slacking, you can shout marine-corps-drill-instructor-full-meta-jacket-style abuse @moleitausknees.

In order to further-up-the-social-pressure, I’m running to raise money for The Parkinson’s Disease Society, so please do pop-along to my justgiving page and put something in the pot to make sure I finish

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Pathetic beginnings

Got some better shoes, and went for a pathetic-short run in the cold.

As Matt Haughey pointed out, there's nothing  like public shame to make you do better, so pasting it here, although deeply embarrassing with the number of marathon heroes and heroines in my neighbourhood.

Don't think I'm traveling too much in February so should be able to get more regular runs in the park.

I wish Vox made a Nike+ widget…

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