QotD: Summer Music

What's the one CD that will totally remind you of the Summer of 2006?

Well  – I've been running a commentary on the sounds of the summer here for a little while, but that's been a track thing. A late-entrant and an actual CD which qualifies it for this QotD is "Coles Corner" by Richard Hawley.

Coles Corner
Richard Hawley

Fiona and myself rented a car last weekend to head to West Wales, and grabbed some new CDs from the top of the ripping pile to use in the rental's CD player.

We listened to this (plus the new Gotan Project, Hot Chip, some others) pretty much the entire ride. It sat well with the scenery.

It's somewhat scottwalkerish, melancholic, a little-bit-country-a-little-bit-rock-and-roll. Wistful and whistle-able. Here's what Pitchfork said.

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Sounds of the Summer #3: Peter ,Bjorn and John


It's Lauren Lavernne's record of the week on XFM, and like 'Justice Vs Simian' it's nothing epoch making, but perfectly pleasant all the same. First blind listen of it, I thought it was Primal Scream in a whimsical moment – Bobby Gillespie-ish half-spoken-half-sung call with a flat-ish female (I guessed guesting supermodel, a la Moss on 'Some Velvet Morning') response.

Turns out it's not.

More here, including an MP3 while stocks last.

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Some other contenders for sound of the summer

Smile, Pt. 2
Lily Allen

"Smile" by Lily Allen is a delightful summer ditty, all 'Uptown Top-Ranking' via 'DubStar' or 'St. Etienne' with a
nice line in spiteful boy-put-downs.

She's the daughter of a seminal UK alternative comedian, Keith Allen (and as such can be claimed rather tenuously as Welsh!) and also lauded as one of the 'MySpace' generation of pop revolutionaries (like the Artic Monkeys, mythologically linked to MySpace as the [grass]root of their sucess)

I'd been meaning to post this for a little while, and as a result I've lost my status as sage of pop, due to Ms. Allen going to No.1 in the UK Charts…

The other contender for sound of the summer (at least in my head) is "We are your friends" by Justice Vs. Simian: nothing particularly original, but nice, deep liquid bass with NewOrder-esque synthtwinkles and shouting over the top. Lovely.

Hopefully I've snuck that in before it goes to No.1…

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What’s that coming over the hill?

Just a short musical indulgence.

Currently loving The Automatic's single "Monster" from the album "Not Accepted Anywhere"

It's a very basic bit of young, energetic post-punkish fun, but it's a got an onery-earworm-of-a-chorus, which I can imagine would be large amounts of fun to belt out in various stages of inebriation, while pogoing.

It goes like this:

"What's that coming over the hill?

Is it a Monster?!?

Is it a MON-STERR??!!?"


The Automatic have a collective age of about 13, and, like all good things, are from South Wales.

Isn't it.

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