On having a really long notice period in the gelatinous cube

I gave my notice at Nokia in March, and my contract stipulated a three month notice period. I love the team of people I work with directly, there's no bad blood I'm aware of with my boss, and I'm not going to go work with a competitor.

So, I asked to work for all of the notice period, as opposed to taking it as 'gardening leave', which is normally the default for large organisations.

I'm about to enter the last month of my notice period, and I'm starting to become more peripheral – partly through my own engineering, partly through the engineering of others, and partly through some kind of weird autonomic self-healing capacity of large, slow-moving corporations.

It's like slowly escaping a gelatinous cube.

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Joy vs Authority

"It is odd – will I say heart-breaking? – how cheerfulness goes: gaiety of mind, natural free-springing joy. Authority is its great enemy – the assumption of authority. I know few men over fifty that seem to me entirely human: virtually none who has long exercised authority…

…Pomp, an unwholesome diet,  a cause of choler, a pleasure paid to late and at too high a price, like lying with a peppered paramour."

Master and Commander, Patrick O'Brian, Chapter Six, P173.

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