FT: More on 3G reality

FT: More on 3G reality and interesting piece on consumer behaviour…

These from the excellent ‘Creative Business’ supplement that comes with the FT every tuesday – i had to email their helpdesk
to find this stuff which is nothing to do with their interface design,
but everything to do with their interaction/content strategy of deliberately reducing the mapping you can make between the print edition and website… arrrgh.

Firstly, a looming 3G handset crisis further
widens the gap between the realities of wireless and the expectation –
a gap which wasn;t managed well last time (WAP…)

“Third generation mobile phones do exist. Oh yes, they
do. I met somebody yesterday who had heard of a colleague who had
actually handled one. This sort of throw-away line is becoming a sick
joke for most of Europe’s mobile phone operators. In Britain and
Germany alone, they have paid more than Pounds 50bn between them for
licences to offer mobile internet, full motion video and other glitzy
services – they hope from next year. That’s fine. But where are the
handsets? Realistically the chances of working phones being ready in
quantity next year are small. Many observers think it will be 2004,
2005 or even later before commercially attractive handsets are
generally available. ”

CREATIVE BUSINESS: Third generation mobile phones : Financial Times, Mar 13, 2001


Some research shows that there may not be such a thing as an unquestioning early adopter of technology in the consumer market place… good news for user-centred interaction design…?

“Even early adopters are becoming suspicious of new
technologies and new formats,” says director of strategic solutions Sue
Unerman. “If you are selling technology, make the benefit clear.”

CREATIVE BUSINESS: New media : Financial Times, Mar 13, 2001

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