Hugh Pearman on plans for the BBC’s new home.

proposeed BBC newsroom

“All architects long for the defining project, the high-profile plum job that people will remember them by, for good or bad. At 63, that death-or-glory moment has arrived for Sir Richard MacCormac. He has plucked the plum of plums, the rebuilding of the BBC’s Broadcasting House. It comes with a price tag of at least £400m.”

One thing that isn’t mentioned are the new technologies that might be available for use within or without the building’s working and public spaces by the time it’s ready to be occupied (in 2008!)

Putting to one side the advances in pervasive computing that might affect personal working style, there are the advances in technology which will affect building use, building fabric and it’s relationship with the city:

Will the BBC and their architects embrace these changes between then and now, or in 6 years will we have a landmark built for now – not then?

» Heart of an empire: MacCormac rebuilds the BBC.

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