Three Degrees

I tried to install the Beta of MSFT’s new IM-on-steroids app, ThreeDegrees last night. I fell at the first hurdle of seeing the swathe of patches and upgrades to WinXP one had to go and download first.

Reknowned software explorer, BetaNaut and fridge-magnet Yoz Grahame got a little further, but not much further. He’s written a funny and informative report back from the frontiers of insidious-installation here:

“I don’t know which of the scenarios I’m imagining is worse: The one where a crazed developer with MS Paint gets that past QA, or the one where the design team achieves group consensus to prove they’re the gang that’s down with the kids.

…the kids have to be down with installing a metric arseload of supporting extras before they can get jiggy with the winking action. This includes MSN Messenger 5.0 and the MS Black Ops P2P Infiltrator. I had a brief bout of swearing when MSNIM 5 started up because it was clearly ignoring my preference to hide the never-used info tabs on the left. Investigation showed I was wrong; it hadn’t so much ignored my preference as removed the option entirely. Clearly, being able to view Expedia travel deals in a 100-pixel-wide buddy list is too important a feature to ever be turned off. “

The Flash demo on the threedegrees website hasn’t really convinced me it’s worth going through all the pain Yoz is reporting. I can’t see any obvious new functionality or ‘delight’ that the thing could deliver, but then again I’m about ten years older than the oldest person they’re trying to target with this thing. Which is depressing as hell in itself!

» Yoz Grahame’s Cheerleader: Three degrees of separation, and rising

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