What’s an IA? An Internet Angel…

Internet Angels is a government program to create a ‘buddy-system’ of mentors from ordinary people who are comfortable with the web and the internet, to get others, generally friends and family, online:

“He wasn’t sure that he wanted to go on the internet. I said ‘come on, we’ll go on Friends Reunited and find your old schoolmates’. To me, it’s best to hit on someone’s interests. I taught him by sitting next to him and explaining it, one step at a time. I’d say ‘double-click on that’ or ‘type in that box’. Sometimes I’d take the mouse to show him, but usually he’d be in control.”

There’s a two-part info pack which prospective Angels can download to get started, which supports them in mentoring and has another part which supports their subject. A nice idea.

» Internet angel info pack: downloads

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