Monday links, found with free wifi…

Enjoying free wifi and good coffee at the moment in Tinderbox, Upper St, N1 [free until 1st November] and Foyles cafe on Charing Cross Road. Discovered Foyle’s hotspot while struggling to get connected in the souless surrounds of the Starbucks concession in Borders on Charing Cross Road.

Stood next to a window where the connection seemed to be there, if very poor – holding my laptop in one hand and trying to IM with one finger. Then, while cursing, opened a browser- and saw the splash-sponsorship screen for the hotspot bore the logos of Foyles and O’Reilly…

The cloud of connectivity was drifting across the road – not where I’d imagined it had orginated from at all! I shut down and moved across the road, where there was organic food, fine coffee, beer and nice tunes from Ray’s Jazz store that share the space with the cafe on the first floor of Foyles.

A lovely discovery to make, if it wasn’t my final week in London…

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