“The nature of monkey was… IRREPRESSIBLE!!!”

New(-to-me) blog on mind and idea stuff found via Seb’s Open Research, which I gravitated towards purely because of the nostalgia-value of the URL, but stayed for stuff like this:

“Modern preconceptions have it that simply by applying our brains and concentrating hard enough on a problem (e.g. a crossword clue), we should be able to see the solution. This is the “Hare brain” approach.

The book says that there are two types of solution moments. Yes, one is when we sit down and just think hard. But there is another solution moment which comes seemingly out of nowhere, when we’ve been staring out the window, or having a shower, going for a walk. This is the tortoise mind approach. This is a result of a) having done the hare brain thinking in the first place and b) just relaxing your frontal lobes, and letting the rest of your brain “background render” the solution.

» Monkeymagic: December 2003 Archives

0 thoughts on ““The nature of monkey was… IRREPRESSIBLE!!!”

  1. Glad you stayed … just sorry it wasn’t quite the trip down memory lane you might have been expecting. Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and whatever that monk was called are back on Channel 4 next year apparently if your interested.

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