Kashmir / LazyGadget

This should probably be in /play, but whatever. They just played all 8mins of Kashmir on 6music. If you’re familiar with the overblown Zep epic, then there’s a really, really good breakdown in the middle with Bonzo’s drums, some strings and Plant mumbling and wailing a bit. They work it for a while, but just as it’s getting funky, they swerve back into the chugging riff that is the song’s trademark.

Which is a longwinded intro to making a LazyGadget request.

I’d like a small amount of sampling/looping/effect generation capability on my iPod/personal music device which I could access and manipulate with one hand. Just to muck around and extend bits like the breakdown in Kashmir long enough to ruin them for myself…

0 thoughts on “Kashmir / LazyGadget

  1. ahh Jones, dear boy. . hope you’re well,
    There’s a bit at the end off Under Pressure that would benifit from just such a capiblity i reckon.

    see you next time you swing by Bush

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