Spoiling a good walk

My Newtonmass present to myself was an Xbox.

I’ve not been immersed in Xbox culture up till now, so any must-have game recommendations are welcome (I have Halo…)

Reading an Xbox mag, Links 2004 got my attention, not because I’m a big golf fan (my dad always loved Leaderboard on my Atari 520STfm, though) – but because of the Xbox-Live enabled side of the game.

I haven’t seen it or played it; but I imagine, like most golf games on computers or consoles, that you are ‘teleported’ between the holes. That is, you don’t have to wander between the last hole and the next tee-shot.

I wonder if Links does away with this to bring the Xbox-Live social connection to life. Would the golf game just be the activity that the social exchange is centred around, like real-life golf. The walk between the holes together would be the really pleasant bit of the game.

Most online gaming concentrates on clan or p2p chat, not proximity interactions. I’d hope that having a private p2p chat on a golfcourse might have to be enacted through a complicated series of rituals to carve the privacy out of the group situation:

“Excuse me, chaps, my broker is on the phone… Sorry, I really have to take this… you know how it is…” *thumbs joypad, scampers away down the fairway a little* “hello aSTRObabe88. a/s/l??”

If not, get rid of p2p chat (or at least chat-at-a-distance) all together. Distractions such as birdwatching, admiring each others plus-fours and humming tunes, or telling jokes might come into play.

Ambling around as a group admiring all that wonderfully-modelled landscape that is boasted about in the marketing. Lovely – the game of golf itself would wind-up being just the bothersome bit with the clubs that spoils a good walk?

0 thoughts on “Spoiling a good walk

  1. Hey man, happy new year! Just a quick note to say that I’ve spent most of the past month playing Links 2004 and it’s really pretty incredible. (I actually just finished writing a Wired piece about how playing virtual golf improves your real-world game, so this was all, um, research.) But it really is a fantastic title — the best golf game ever, IMHO. I haven’t set up Live yet, but if I do, perhaps we’ll play a round…!

  2. Live is the best, seriously a very well put together extravaganza. The voice chat is just so well done. Links is on my list of things to get but I couldn’t resist Knight’s of the Old Republic. It’s really 8really* good.

    The only other game I’ve got (apart from Halo) is Midtown Madness 3 which is loads of fun on Live. I’m not really a driving game sort of person but it’s just a load of fun plus, destroying Paris never hurt anybody.

  3. Get Splinter Cell – it’s utter genius in terms of narrative and pacing, looks gorgeous and you’ll find yourself avoiding bright lights at work.

    Project Gotham Racing 2 is the best racing game on the xbox right now (and it has awesome Live support).

    If you fit a modchip – make sure you don’t have it activated when you go on Live, you’ll get banned permanently.

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