Good pictures of paper prototyping

Does anyone reading own* good illustrative pictures of paper prototyping, either in progress (with sticky notes flying in anger) or end results; that they wouldn’t mind me using (with credit, of course) in a presentation?


UPDATE: Thanks everyone!
I got some great suggestions and pictures, particularly from Marc Rettig. Thanks Marc -you’re a a life saver. The work is all finished and submitted ready for the tutorial session on Monday 9th.

The tutorial session is basically an overview of user-centred design and how it makes sense to use it on the sorts of projects that emerging tech geeks are working on.

It’s not aiming at designers, or insisting on a full-on UCD process, rather it’s along the lines of what you can do to think about the user experience of what you’re building, even if theres only one or two of you, and you only have a day or two to do something.

I’ve been characterising it to friends and fellow designers variously as “design eye for the geek guy”, “Ray Mears ultimate user-interface design survival tips” and “cheating at UCD” to their horror. I fully expect to be chased around Southern California by members of the AIGA with pitchforks. In reality it’s a primer for those who’ve not participated in a user-centred design process, with some tips / techniques that can be done quickly to whet the appetite and get some results.

I’m up against Raffi’s excellent sounding tutorial “Sampling the world”, and the song-singing at the sure-to-be-popular Emergent Democracy event (no-one from iCan, Stand or mysociety there? Anyone from Spiked or OpenDemocracy or VoxPolitics parachuting in to play devil’s advocate?) so perhaps there’ll only be a few folk there.

If you want a rest from your screen to play with paper protoypes, marker pens and post-it notes, then come along!

0 thoughts on “Good pictures of paper prototyping

  1. Hi – have you seen the Paper Prototyping DVD that NNG put together? It’s got some good examples of ‘in progress’ paper prototypes. The video of the test user ‘clicking’ through them might be useful to whatever you’re doing…!

  2. Oop, sorry. That first link above isn’t right. Instead, scroll just a little ways down on this page: and click the thumbnail on the left. Then click any of the prototypes to see a bigger version.

    These are hasty student mockups, not from a “real” project. But they did all live through a couple of iterations of testing, so they at least worked mechanically and held up under fire.

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