0 thoughts on “Mapping: to infinity and beyond!

  1. I guess it means any patches of land around the world that aren’t governed by any nation (can’t be too many of those… the Korean DMZ?).

    Star Trek took it from Diplo jargon, so I don’t think it’s a ST homage. Still weird for it to be in the list, tho.

  2. Actually, I think when it appears in a country list it means it’s been derived from ISO3166, which gave the Kuwait-Saudi Arabia “Neutral Zone” the code NT.

    I don’t think it still exists. (It was later known as the “divided zone”)

  3. Lee is right. A few years ago I was scanning country code lists, and saw ‘NT’. I was also confused, and did some research, which found the Neutral Zone is where Lee has placed it. I also read about the history of it, but it escapes me now!

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