Happy Strayleearr Day!


It’s Australia Day, and pictured is one of that country’s greatest achievements: Harry’s Floater pie, from Harry’s Cafe De Wheels. The floater is a meat pie with it’s top taken off, replaced with fluffy mashed potato formed into a crater, and filled with gravy and mushy peas.

Thanks to Eric Scheid of the awesome IAwiki for showing me the pastry nirvana that is Harry’s at Wooloomooloo.

Some other fantastic Australian things:

Foe has a more poetic commemoration of Australia Day over at her place

0 thoughts on “Happy Strayleearr Day!

  1. That’s not how a pie floater works.

    It should be pea soup in a bowl with a meat pie floating in the soup (and of course, tomato sauce/ketchup on top!)

  2. It has to be said sport – that Australis Day or no Australia day, that food looks even worse than the fodder they used to serve up in the Bush House canteen. Jesus H Christ mate!

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