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  1. Weird that the article on the rotating cones for pedestrian crossings makes it sound like a new thing — my-sister-the-civil-engineer pointed them out to me a while ago (I’ve been touching up the control boxes since…), and she says they’ve been around for a good while.

    Here are some: — tactile cones. Very cool. Much like all the civil engineer stuff I get told about actually. Makes me want to jack this www nonsense in.

  2. “the citynipple”

    I had a strange thought as soon as I read this article. What if more than one blind or visually imparied people are waiting at the crossing? Only one can use this system.

    Unlikely I know, but still…

    Here in Australia, all pedestrian crossings give a constant bleeping sound to signal that the button has been pushed. Then a longer higher note, followed by a quicker beeping to indicate it is safe to cross.

    This seems to me a bit better solution, since it doesn’t require the user to be right next to the stop. That’s important, since busy crossings can have alot of people waiting at them.

  3. I’d heard a while ago that pelican crossings actually had secret switches for blind people to use, which would enable the safe-to-cross beeping (which is why you don’t hear them any more – and it has been a while, hasn’t it?).

    I’d noticed and twiddled the cones, as a result, but had assumed they needed some sort of secret safecracker handshake, rather than being a replacement for the beeping…

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