My work here is done…


My tutorial session at Etech 2004 was yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who threw themselves into the workshop, and created some great ideas with the techniques we went through. The slide-set is here if you’re interested [caution, 7.2 megs powerpoint file!]

Thanks to everyone who helped me put it together, both in terms of encouragement, criticism and material: Foe, Stewart, Marc Rettig, and Nico Macdonald.

And huge thanks to Chris Heathcote for helping run the workshops and generally saving my life!

The great thing is the stress is over on the first day, as compared to last year where I presented on the last day; so I can enjoy the rest of the event!

There’s a surfeit of live blogging and feeds of various kinds, so I’ll probably only post things of specific note to me, rather than generic coverage…

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