EtCon04: Don Norman on emotional design


Raw notes:

Don Norman / thursday

emotional design

“pretty is nice”

the stark juicer is on the cover because it provokes strong emotions – you love it or you hate it.

phillippe stark – “this is not about juice, it’s about conversation”

getting the tech right is just part of the battle – make people feel joy

evaluation photos of casio exilim
“i can barely wait to use it” – the industrial design creates expectation before you even switch it on

“no one cares about the tech, unless it goes wrong – like infrastructure”

mini cooper
NYT review:
“this car has many flaws, buy it anyway”

sensory –> behavioural—> motor

beauty is skin deep, and so is our evolutionary response… nothing wrong with that… it’s a layer of decision making we need.

reflective layer : only apes and people
a meta level

visceral level
emotions prepare us for action
tied into musculature – which then allows others to detect our emotions (body language)

tense = depth processing
happy = breadth processing

make people happy in brainstorms to be creative, make people tense with deadlines to get the project done.

bottled water
whats the difference between all the brands? the bottles! the design.


perrier – crystal spring – ty nant

“if you wash and polish your car, it drives better”

problem tolerance increases due to breadth processing due to happiness

“pretty things, and good moods make things work better”

delivering on expectation

picture of 10s of remotes


“i don’t want to control my dvd, i want to watch a movie”

reflective design

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