Grey Tuesday: talking all that jazz

as in…

“you said it wasn’t art, so now we’re gonna rip you apart”

Unless you read this with a feedreader, I guess with my design I’m already in by default. Has anyone created a snapshot gallery of grey tuesday sites around the web? Matt Haughey is right – The Grey Album is one of the best bits of hiphop in years.

One of my favourite groups, The Avalanches create incredibly rich and dense sampled soundscapes. The legal constraints they came up against in the release of “Since I left you” mean we will never get to hear what they consider their best stuff…

“as word spread about The Avalanches, they found themselves in some surprising conundrums.

“I think if we thought it would be so widely listened to, we wouldn’t have sampled some of the things we did,” Chater says laughing.

Oddly enough, the roadblocks to sample clearances didn’t include Madonna, who allowed the group her first legal sample in the form of the bassline from “Holiday,” but rather from other, seemingly innocuous sources.

“It was frustrating when Rogers and Hammerstein were like, ‘You can’t use their stuff, you have to take it off the record,'” Chater says disappointedly. “There’s lots of stuff that didn’t make it. There’s a much longer version of the album that we’ve got that no one will ever hear.”

What a shame.

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  1. If you look hard enough you might be able to find a bootleg of The Avalanches album that has the ‘banned’ samples.

    Triple J, the gov’t funded “youth network” radio station in Australia played it (or a variation?) once, possibly very late at night so there are a few tapes going around.

    I’ve heard it once or twice. It’s very good. 😉

  2. Hey, if you’re a fan, apparently DJ Dexta just left The Avalanches. He was just about the main dude behind them, so expect the next album to because it just might. On the other hand, we get solo albums now…

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