Location, location, location



  • In-Duce: Mogi, item hunt

    “What makes the game so exciting to me?

    • It uses the GPS in my phone, and that’s so cool.
    • It maps a virtual data layer onto Japan and brings a fresh new way to look at my map of Tokyo.
    • All the trips I make in the city are now randomized, as I will often divert a few hundred meters to go and collect an object around me. I get a chance to discover parts of the city that I ignored, a motivation to check out that parallel street I never took.

    You can try out Mogi’s web interface here, using username and passwd combo of “test, test” [Via many-2-many]

  • Heathcote says “Annotate the planet” with his geowanking meets Jet-Set Radio Future pirate RFID-spraycan crews: “rdf as barcodes, and geowarchalking”
  • Technology for strangers: from the wonderfully-unorthdox Angermann2

Which leads me to one of my current (many) disillusionments (is this a word?) hungover from EtCon – since when does all this social software stuff have to be about bleedin’ friends? What about cooperation between strangers…

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