Just Links

Sorry I can’t think of any more bad Zelda puns…. but…

  • Master Sword forged!!! [thanks Lee!]
  • Lifeblogwatch
  • Opportunitygrrl, because even interplanetary probes need LJbuddies

    “OMG, I am soooo dusty and disgusting right now!! I have red grime everywhere, especially under my abrasion instruments! It’s no wonder I can’t grind anything! I find evidence of past water, but I can’t even find a puddle to splash my treads in here! I so need a shower. And a manicure. OMG, what if Stardust saw me like this?!”

    [via memepool]

  • “Interview with Microsoft’s typography master”:

    “He’s studying how to use multiple screens. In his office he has a second monitor — a projector on the wall — running full time. He uses this second monitor differently from his main high-res monitor. In his studies of human perception he learned that the periphery vision is more attuned to movement. So, he puts his email and his alerts on this second screen.”

  • I want to go to GEL
  • Big but bonkers indescribable flash movie by Sonia Peng

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  1. _ |__ __| | /_ |__ \| |
    | __| | | | (_) | | __/ (__| |_
    __ | | | | | | __/ | |/ /_| | | | |
    _ | | | ‘_ \ / _ \ | | / /| ‘_ \| ‘__|

    The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project >>>> extended since 1994 > > > Synopsis: The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project began December 30, 1994. A
    `round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery from Brad Brace.
    The hypermodern minimizes the familiar, the known, the recognizable; it
    suspends identity, relations and history. This discourse, far from
    determining the locus in which it speaks, is avoiding the ground on which
    it could find support. It is trying to operate a decentering that leaves
    no privilege to any center.

    The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project

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