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  1. “Items orzanized [sic] on a smoothly browsable timeline”


    I wonder how accessible the concept is to someone outside the chronologically adept blogging/digital media crowd?

  2. If you watch people photo-sharing you’ll see them hand round snaps, or huddle closely together to flip through an album. Mobiles could be natural digital albums – tangible, personal, a vehicle for real relationship building.

    For this to happen, more work is needed on the styles and controls of photo presentation on the device itself.

    One of the things I like about my camera phone is that I can send pictures instantly via email – the Nokia Lifeblog will be much better when its a web service linked wirelessly to the device: I take pictures and whenever I want, I can log onto a website and see a visualisation of my last day, week, year (and others can share it easily too).

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