Place and chips

Sorry about the pun.

Via Smartmobs, Techdirt picks up on Uncle Jack’s piece on “Smart places” in today’s Guardian Online and runs with the RFID / NFC* aspect of the piece.

“The writer [of the Guardian article] suggests that RFID may be the missing ingredient to make such services even more valuable, by allowing more pinpoint use of location info. This certainly beats some of the applications that people were originally predicting for location-based services – where the restaurant you were walking by would spam you with a coupon. When the content is both interactive and user requested, things begin to get a lot more interesting.”


I would also add that when the content is both user-requested, and authored by other end-users/peers/individuals/whatever it gets a HELLUVALOT more interesting.

See also Chris Antimega’s RDFGeowarchalking, and Jo’s Spacenamespace for less commercial and more interesting applications of annotating space.

» Techdirt: Location Based Services Leading To Smart Places
* Disclosure: my employer, Nokia is a founder member of NFC forum

4 thoughts on “Place and chips

  1. Fascinating (as always) post and link to equally fascinating article – thank you.

    One quote from
    “This is not the future: this is here and now, or soon to be”
    – well which is it? here now, or not here yet?

    I know it sounds petty, but this is the kind of breathlessness that clouds judgement and allows people to mistake an emerging technology accessible only to a technologically-enabled elite for something that everyone will have tomorrow.

    ok Victor Meldrew signing off…

  2. Ha! In my original writeup, I did have the “authored by” part included, but the sentence construction was weird and I couldn’t figure out how to make it right, so I just left it as “interactive” and hoped that included the “authored by” part. Thanks for making it clearer, though!

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