Entire US captured in 20 days

Not an update of the current nasty geopolitical situation, but something from The Google CityBlock Project [found via ChrisDodo’s del.icio.us]

This aims to produce a visual search of the urban environment. In one of their presentations they have an estimate of how long it would take to acquire images of the US’s entire commercial streetscape:

  • “~2.4 million miles of paved road in the U.S.
  • We estimate that about ~1% are commercial
  • With a high speed camera (~250 fps), we can capture driving at about 10 mph
  • It would take approximately 100 days worth of driving time to capture the entire commercial U.S.
  • Spread among 20 vehicles and allowing 6 hours of capture time per day, it would require approximately 20 days of acquisition”

So, very impressive in capturing images of the city; but what about the Image Of The City that we actually perceive? Schyuler and Rich’s excellent tutorial at EtCon made this distinction plain.

However I guess – as ever with Google – worth keeping a close eye on.

0 thoughts on “Entire US captured in 20 days

  1. RealStreets have been doing a similar thing in Brighton, with mad artistic tangents. They’ve got a couple of giant prints up behind the tills in Habitat and M&S.

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