Stealing sheep by default

“Anyone who would letterspace lower case would steal sheep.” – Frederick Goudy

The Typepad templates insist on letter-spacing or tracking the type of the section headers in my side bar. I don’t have a clue how to get round this other than to upgrade to the $150 pro level, which is far to much money to spend on the self-indulgence of blogging, let alone the self-indulgence of being a typography nerd, when most people probably read this tripe with the type their RSS-reader dictates.

I’ve fiddled as much as I can to try and get the design to something I like (no way I can find to make the main body of text any wider – which really ticks me off as it’s not quite a comfortable reading width for a single column, and it’s a fixed, not ‘fluid’ design) within the constraints of the Typepad UI, which really, really encourages fiddling. The ‘safety’ it inspires, along with the myriad tiny but tempting changes one can make lead to hours of fiddling.

6Apart should sell some AdWords space in their interface, the amount of time my eyeballs are in it…

0 thoughts on “Stealing sheep by default

  1. Are you saying typepad wont let you edit the entire stylesheet and somehow force you to use their css?
    I tried to sign up to test myself but got as far as the credit card entry and was forced to give up.
    If they do – and I can’t imagine why, and if you care enough to take back control you could force a rewrite of the .sidebar h2 rule via the dom before the page loads, but that seems a bit extreme.

  2. Hi Matt.
    Are you using TP’s WYSIWYG design thing-o, or have you made a set of “custom” templates? Cause there you can tweak the CSS all you want…

    Not sure the basic allows for that, though I’d be surprised (and disappointed) if it didn’t…

    If you need a hand, just shout “mehmeeeehhh!” 😉

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