A korvapusti for Conan

Aevil has started a campaign to get Conan O’Brien to Finland.

Think of all the things he could do: take a sauna, eat makkara, make fun of drunks on the trams and subway, attempt ordering coffee and korvapusti in Finnish, bring some Budweiser along and finally determine if Lapin Kulta is even more of a king of bad beer than Bud is, try salmiakki, wear something Marimekko, visit Santa, and sail to Stockholm to personally deliver the message that Sweden does, indeed, suck. 🙂

Finland, expats too, grab your pens, postage and postikorttit and direct your witty goading to:

Conan O’Brien hates my homeland Must Come To Finland
New York, NY 10112

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