This week marks four years of this weblog. I started in June 2000, while working still at Sapient’s London office, using blogger. The longest I have been in a job has been around 2 years, my architectural education was 5 years; so this weblog is one of the things I have stuck at the longest.

It’s been useful, it’s been fun, it’s given me opportunities and problems (sometimes at the same time) and for not much effort. It’s a testament to the tools that make such a rewarding format so low effort: I’ve progressed over the 4 years from Blogger, Greymatter, Moveabletype to Typepad.

While I’ve had a procession of tools, in review, I’ve come full circle from posting links and effectively establishing a commonplace for notes and bookmarks using Blogger, through writing more and more discursive and long-form stuff about design for technology, to publishing experiments like warchalking and back again now to mainly links, notes and social bookmark hoarding using

It seems that the “outboard brain” model is the one I’m most comfortable with, and get most utility from, and now this memory prosthesis is becoming more mobile and less textual. I’ve been trialling Nokia Lifeblog for the last month or so, and along with I’m finding that it’s filling many of the roles of memory prosthesis that this blog used to.

So, the question is what to do here other than to write more self-indulgent bitkipple about design and social technology and comics and science and cities and games and most importantly, magic for another four years?

Wait a minute. I like doing that…

0 thoughts on “Four

  1. Congrats on 4 years.

    > so this weblog is one of the things I have stuck at the longest.

    Heh, me too. is at 6y 3m, my longest relationship is 4y 2m, college was 4y, longest I’ve lived anywhere since college is 2y, longest job was 1y 9m, and my average time at a job is probably a little more than a year. But I’ve been reachable at the same email address for the past 8 years, so I’m stable in at least one aspect of my life.

  2. Congratu-mundo, Matt.

    Nice to see you and Jason at it for so long. Good to see some examples, even if they are the exception, that fly in the face of the oft-repeated “bloggers whine for two months and then quit” notion.

    Now when are you going to get around to getting the rest of the site back up and running? There was a time when there was more to the url then just the blog. 🙂

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