I have just spent an hour of a cold, wet Finnish summer afternoon, transported back to being 6 years old in 1978, watching the first episode of “Connections” by James Burke.

What an incredible series that was, and what a magnificent storyteller y’man Burke is. Depressingly, I can’t see anything like that getting made now, although Schama‘s History of Britain is probably the nearest in terms of compelling, rhetorical, factual television.

The theme of interconnectedness and interdependence of civilisations, technology and nature is one that probably needs telling powerfully these days, too.

Oh, and dig that seventies on-screen typography.

» Palmer’s James Burke Fan Companion
» Wikipedia entry on James Burke

0 thoughts on “Connections

  1. I watched the series too and it was a globe trotting five facts a minute treat! I picked up the book at a secondhand stall and it’s a great read. But,come back James Burke, a great educator.

  2. I’m trying to get hold of a copy of the series ‘connections’. i’ve been reading about it, it sounds amazing, and i’m producing a documentary about sustainable technologies, and think it would be ideal inspiration. any help out there?
    if you’re thinking a movie producer should be able to source his own video.. this is a classic no-budget personal quest story where every penny counts…

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