HLM#1: The JCB JS330XD crawler excavator

Gadget blogs and things that post pictures of small shiny bits of tech seem to be all the rage, so in response, a new, regular feature for this site: every week I’ll post a handsome lookin’ machine or HLM for your delectation.

A HLM is not shiny, not small, but is most definitely handsome – and probably could be used effectively in the final battle scene of a giant monster movie.

First up, the JCB JS330XD crawler excavator

^ It’s a handsome lookin’ machine!

“The reinforced dipper and linkages, rugged undercarriage guarding, and a variety of buffers and protective covers ensure that the machines are fully equipped for a long-life on any demolition site. Such protection allows the operator to make the most of the immense destructive ability at his disposal.”

Sounds handy in a fight – but what if a giant mutagenic komodo dragon is dangling you in it’s jaws? JCB have you covered:

“The reinforced turret belly guard protects the vulnerable centre of the machine. Being flush fitted, it will stop the reinforced steel bars, common on demolition sites, from penetrating the machine belly.”

The pictures of the cabin on the website seem to depict an intuitive control scheme and a comfortable commanding operator position; meaning that in any construction site showdown, one could feasibly jump in there with no prior operating experience and make a good fist of defending civilization from mutant monster attack.

Also, there’s plenty of space in the cab for a Thermos, so no worries if you play the long game.

Ratings [1 -> 5]
Handsome factor: ♦ ♦ ♦
Monster readiness: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Cost: $$$

Spec sheet is here [340k PDF]

Another HLM next week!

0 thoughts on “HLM#1: The JCB JS330XD crawler excavator

  1. sort of reminds me of that show that was on moon tv (helsinki’s channel 6 or something) last year (before it shut down).

    the english translation of the name worked out at something like “big things that move”. i only saw it once and it was indeed a big thing that moved. a giant machine that layed railway tracks. the complete antithesis of a shiny new nokia or philippe stark pen.


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