Organizr launches

Organizr launches today, which builds on the Flickr API to give photo-management tools approaching those you’d get on a desktop app. It’s very nice indeed, with some lovely info/interaction design touches, although I don’t have enough “in” Flickr to make it worthwhile just yet.

One niggling thing I’d suggest is that the “sets” that you build get a larger ‘stack’ icon, the more images you place in them.

This isn’t that important as a cue (you’d go click on the set entitled “my best naked pictures of celebrities ever” regardless of the size of the icon, if you pardon the double-entendre) but it would be a nice-to-have nonetheless, fitting in with a UI-style that it big on visual cues, humour and ease-of-use.

One of the best touches are the size-bars that are shown under the dates on the timeline interface of Organizr, indicating the number of pictures uploaded that day.


Of course, Organizr is built on the Flickr API, so if I had a ounce of talent I could do it myself, but alas it’s not the case.

Anyway, hearty congratulations to the Ludicorp crew – now go lie down somewhere and relax for a while!

0 thoughts on “Organizr launches

  1. Ah, see, this is why you get the big bucks. We will make that indication happen. (To be honest, we don’t take the proper time for anything – gotta move fast! In a few months we’ll give it all a good overhaul …)

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