Home Info Theatre

IM with Kai Turner, ace infomation architect and bon vivant who I had the pleasure of working with at Sapient:

AIM IM with kaiganism

kaiganism : Do you think there will be a convergence of things like Flickr, Bloglines, Blogger, Friendster (yuck) — ? Or is the beauty of these services that they can stay singular in their focus?

BBJ01: i think it’s not an either/or
you get conFUSION though web services and information exchange formats
then you get some super converged super easy for consumers

kaiganism : mmm.. so give it time, you say

BBJ01: so – people who love the quality will have ‘hifi separates’
all joined by standard interfaces
‘home info theatre’

kaiganism : that’s a nice analogy.. hadn’t thought of it that way.

BBJ01: others will have converged boomboxes
with only a couple of knobs, but pretty lights!

kaiganism : you can be the geek buying all the components, or go straight to dixons… but dixons will wait until the standards have settled down and you have an audio-DVD format, for example.

BBJ01: yeah i guess… although perhaps i am labouring the metaphor!

kaiganism : no — it’s nice. you should blog that
instead of confusing us with ilovebees.com
down here at the consumer-edge of the spectrum.
or maybe i’ll do that… i can turn my blog into blackbeltjones for the masses. Like Scientific American mag.

BBJ01: heh. explaining matt jones since 1999

kaiganism : hahaha

Kai is now producing Design on DVD, a series of DVD monograms on design legends, starting with Saul Bass… Go buy it

0 thoughts on “Home Info Theatre

  1. nice… and the hifi separates will be free as measured by money and expensive as measured by the time one needs to invest to master the learning curve. of course we almost have this already. what is missing is a common language which allows users to evolve the system at each level, and enables the creativity of the majority (sort of like the qualitative jump that Luther achieved by translating the bible into German, rather than writing a great Latin primer).

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