Compression / Decompression

Kieron Gillen writing beautifully about Morrison & Quitely’s “We3”:

“Reading naturally, the page after page of tiny, beautifully rendered frames start to flow past all the quicker as the reader, unhindered by extraneous exposition cuts from second to second in direct parallel at the increased pace of the escape, as security system and tiny lives fall apart. There’s too much to process, so the eyes streams from one to the next in search of meaning. But the faster it goes, the less chance there is of getting a purely logical one. However, as the images pile up, and a sense emerges. Not a strict linear sense – though it is graspable with study – but an understanding of the hurried confusion of the moments, piling up on top of each other until the become unbearable. We’re pushed into the security office, desperate eyes moving between a dozen monitors trying to deal with something that’s happening too fast to possibly contextualise.

Frame after frame hammers against us, and we sprint in turn, trying to reach a point where everything coalesces into something truly coherent.

And then the grids end, and we hit a single double page spread of the animals mid-leap, out the base, out of everything, free of the imposing structure that kept them hemmed tightly in.

And they’re flying.

And so are we.”

I can’t seem to find a comic shop that sells current english-language comicbooks in Helsinki (do tell me if I’m wrong), so We3 will have to wait till my next trip back to London.

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