Surfing on a soliton

There’s an excellent little programme running each day this week at 3:45pm GMT on BBC Radio 4 called “How to find the sweetspot”. It’s an investigation of the circumstances of ‘sweetspots’ in nature.

I listened yesterday, to an episode about ‘rogue-waves’, with Australian physicist Len Fisher strewth-ing his way down the ‘soliton’ of the Severn Bore on a surfboard while another physicist colleague of his commented on the “singularity” that Len was being propelled along on. Excellent stuff.

Unfortunately, it’s one of an ‘underclass’ of programmes on the BBC that don’t have a permanent URL (yet) for either the programme or the stream – so I’ve (ahem) rescued yesterday’s programme and you can get it for one week only (or until Dan Hill beats me up) here.

2 thoughts on “Surfing on a soliton

  1. Thanks for providing this MP3, which I wouldn’t otherwise have noticed was on. Unfortunately the recording ends half way through a sentence. I guess there’s only a couple of minutes to go, but if you get a chance to fix this it would be much appreciated!

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