The journey begins…

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A long silence here, as I had been concentrating on getting married to Foe. It was a fantastic day, and now I am the happy husband of a wonderful woman, who when asked early on in our relationship whether she had seen the Star Wars movies, replied that – yes – she had seen one of them, called “Ewok Caravan of Courage”.

The DVDs of the original trilogy arrive this week.

0 thoughts on “The journey begins…

  1. Ewoks were a life lesson to me. Their existence taught me that adults sold out to the dollar. It should’ve been a planet of wookies *weeps and berates sky with clenched fists*

  2. Matt,

    This is Patrick Au-Yeung, an ex-cohort of yours at Sapient (SF). Congrats on your wedding. I’m a regular at your site.

    BTW, the katakana on the poster says, literally, “Ewok Adventure,” pronounced “IWoku Abencha.”



  3. Mate,

    Just been catching up after my whole ‘life upheaval’ (sic? how do you spell that?) ahem, sorry 2nd daughter, and stumble across this.

    Congratulations mate. Really, really happy for you!

    I wish you all the happiness in the world dude!

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