Tsunami WAP help

Priya Prakash, who I used to have the privilege of working with (She was part of the awesome design team I got to work with on iCan) has come up with a useful wap hack to help those affected by the South-Asian tsunami disaster.

This from Smartmobs:

Tsunami Helplines is the mobile WAP site for all the emergency numbers and has been specifically designed for mobile use. It has been put together for easy mobile access in situations where people have no access to computers and don’t know who to call for medical aid or for fieldworkers wanting to find out consulate/local hospital/authorities emegency helplines to give to victims/relatives.

The Tsunami Helpline WAP service is at: http://www.priyascape.com/helpline/index.wml for WAP browsers.

Good on you, Ms. Prakash.

0 thoughts on “Tsunami WAP help

  1. So, aside from helping all the white euros on holiday who carry their phones with them while on holiday, how is this supposed to help the average person who probably has a very little chance of having a personal mobile phone? Most of the white holidaymakers have left by now probably.

  2. It’s easy to be snarky about these kinds of efforts but Priya has researched everyday usage of mobile phones in Indian cities and has no doubt considered her findings when designing this site.

    I think the main challenge is making her site discoverable by those in need – but a link from the BBC wap site isn’t a bad start. (Oh, and the numbers for tourists are one level down, on the ‘Other Helplines’ page.)

    So, well done to Priya, I say.

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