Wanadoo’s designers wanna blog

With so many stories in the media about individuals being sued for blogging, and big corporations cracking down on their blogging employees, it’s heartening to find big Euro-ISP Wanadoo have set up Pixelbox for their designers, researchers and developers to share their interests.

From their ‘about’ page:

"We intend to raise the profile of design across the Wanadoo Group,
drawing together design professionals from across Wanadoo’s European
businesses, Orange, France Telecom, Pages Jaunes and the wider design industry. We seek to create a vibrant design
community from these interests – sharing expertise, curating our
knowledge and sharing work, ideas, inspiration and initiatives."

Very cool.

UPDATE: Just found out from one of the designers there who is a friend of ours that they are incentivised for posting to the blog! Her bonus is tied to how much she posts…! Fantastic!!!

0 thoughts on “Wanadoo’s designers wanna blog

  1. Thanks Matt – Pixelbox is actually the first of several research/project blogs we’re launching…mostly open but 2-3 closed from public view. You can see them in the sidebar at http://wanadoo.typepad.com – though Pixelbox is the only ‘launched’ site.

    Years of trying to create extranets and intranets have pretty much been overtaken by simple, intuitive tools like Typepad (though it lacks rich team/multiple author features) and indeed our Internal COmmunications team have been interested to see where they can also utilise corporate blogs.

    Of course, no one has seen the irony that Wanadoo doesn’t have a *consumer* blogging service…

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