IA Summit and the IA of personal mobile devices.

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The wireframing power-elite are gathered in Montreal, and reading the flickr-tea-leaves leads one to believe a lot of fun and a lot of discussion of hot issues such as ‘folksonomies’ has occured.

Was also interested in what Jeff Veen posted about companies exposing support material and manuals on the web and the influence on purchasing decisions.

Not sure whether there was a lot of discussion about mobile devices.

I know from chatting at DesignEngaged that Thomas Vanderwal is obsessing on them at the moment between inventing buzzwords that get publsihed in sunday newspapers.

The IA of personal devices as they incorporate multi-gigabyte mass-storage of personal and paid-for content is a huge design challenge and opportunity.

Anyone who was there in Montreal – Is it getting any collegial thought in the IA-sphere?

0 thoughts on “IA Summit and the IA of personal mobile devices.

  1. There was a good session (missed this one, but heard about it in the session that followed) on IA for the Small Screen [http://iasummit.org/2005/conferencedescrip.htm#37%5D and Olly Wright spoke on IA for mobile devices and the mobile internet [http://iasummit.org/2005/conferencedescrip.htm#157%5D, which I did attend and it was very good.

    Gene Smith’s Beyond the Page [http://iasummit.org/2005/conferencedescrip.htm#124%5D was very good and Brett Lider’s Amazon is Not Enough [http://iasummit.org/2005/conferencedescrip.htm#160%5D was stellar. I was able to present my cross platform IA in my IA for the Personal InfoCloud [http://iasummit.org/2005/conferencedescrip.htm#131%5D (I still am obsessed with the mobile and beyond the desktop use and reuse).

  2. Blogging my belated notes soon… not that they’ll offer much more insight than the powerpoint. Some good stuff, though the mobile devices one I went to (Olly’s) was a “mobile devices 101” so, prob not what you’re after.

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