Doors of SxSWeTech


A March of craziness commences.

I’m going to be in Austin for SxSW Interactive from the 12th-14th. It’ll be my first time, so I have no idea what to expect or what to do. I do know I will miss the Bruce Sterling talk and his legendary party but hopefully I can peg him for 2 minutes chat on Spime-design somehow by virtue of pointing to my runner-up status in a Viridian design competition. But other than that… What do you recommend for a SxSW n00b?

I’ll get there too late for the kick-ball, but it doesn’t sound like a contact sport, therefore no fun for Welsh people. Otwell‘s promised me tex-mex brex, so that’s one thing taken care of.

Then I’m off to ETech/Etcon/whatever for the 14th to the 18th March – where I’ll be acting as Chris Heathcote‘s glamorous assistant for a talk on Tangible Computing – handing him RFID-enabled bunnies to saw in half, and ranting about embodied interaction – that sort of thing.

The good thing is our talk is on the first day of sessions, and early – so get to relax for the rest of what has shaped up into a rather good line-up since I slagged it off.

All apologies for that earlier apoplexy – and congrats to Rael and the team who have put together the final roster. A lot of my wishes came true (Natalie J and her feral robots, check; Neil Gershenfeld, check) –  although I still think that changing the event from an annual occurence to maybe once every two or three years would be an improvement. But now I don’t think I’ll be grumpy in the corner – much – I don’t think I have time to grow a Tony Stark ‘tache anyway.

Finally, after stopping off in Helsinki long enough to pick up some new pants and for Foe to remember what I look like, I’ll be heading to Doors of Perception 8 in Delhi with some other Nokians to get the TechnoUtopianism (© O’Reilly) smacked out of me by all and sundry.

Looking forward to some thought-provoking sessions on co-creating services and infrastructure in South-Asia from both visitors and locals that leapfrog the ‘developed world’ in both technology and sustainability.

There’s still time to get a visa and cheap flight to Delhi to join in, so the blog says.

If you’re at any one of the above ideafests, then drop a comment below, and let’s see if paths cross in the corridors.

p.s. yes – Fin Fang Foom is there as another tedious Iron Man reference. Sorry – but I love FFF. Bonus link – the Barbelith take on the Warren Ellis’ Tony Stark is priceless.

0 thoughts on “Doors of SxSWeTech

  1. Well I live in Austin. I will go to the free SXSW stuff, and I might get into some screenings for the film festival part.

    If you need ideas on where to go, what to eat or just want any Austin info, feel free to send me an e-mail, I would be glad to help (I figure it would be payment for all I have gotten from this blog).

    Wow, all we need now is for Warren Ellis to show up and most of the people I read every day will be here.

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