Ubicomp 2005 Workshop on games, entertainment (and play…)

Delighted to say that there will be a workshop on ubiquitous computing in the service of entertainment, games, (and I hope) play, at this years’s UBICOMP conference in Tokyo, September.

The call for papers is published – and more details at Julian Bleeker’s site, here.

I’m on the program committee for the workshop, so I’m looking forward to reading some playful proposals over the summer…

From Julian’s site:

Our motivation for addressing the role that ubiquitous computing can contribute to novel and compelling ubiquitous entertainment experiences is partly to emphasize the possible ways that ubiquitous computing can use multi-user scenarios, narrative, geography, location, physical landscapes, and notions of place as an interface to the gaming experience.

Important Dates

  • June 17 Deadline for position statement submission
  • July 25 Position statement acceptance notifications sent
  • July 25 Speaking invitations sent in response to strongest participation statements
  • Aug 1 Website updated with final program, talk abstracts, and position statements
  • Sep 11 Workshop held in Tokyo

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