This is really good. When you subscribe to your local weather in Bloglines, the symbol summarising the weather conditions appears as the favico/folder in the interface – creating a ‘glanceable’ display for the weather feed.

I guess this is the privelege of Bloglines at the moment, to allow the folder icon to be changed dynamically by the feed contents – but it would be wonderful if more could be done with this pattern of ambient/glanceable layers of info in RSS clients.

Examples might be:

  • Traffic/commute conditions for a locality
  • ‘Heat’ of debate by number of comments on a chosen blog feed
  • A subscribed stock quote (yeah, I know I hate using ‘stock quote’ examples)

Can’t think of any others for now… will retunr to thinking about what sort of information could work in a ’15×15′ display…

I guess that all the clients would have to adopt some kind of standard way of doing this for it to be worthwhile. Does Bloglines have a monopoly yet?

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