Vegetables, supermarkets and The Singularity

Anne Galloway writes of her vegetable delivery connecting her body to a more natural register of time:

“I think about how hard it has been getting used to eating only what grows locally at any given time of year. There were weeks this winter we ate nothing but tubers and onions and chard. Now I find myself excited when I open the basket and see something like fresh rosemary or mushrooms, and am finally getting to the point where I no longer have to search the net to identify certain leafy things. I actually think of vegetables as staples now – and I look forward to the coming days when all we eat are tomatoes and I see fruit again.

Eating like this not only changes the way I think about food, but also about my body. I’ve had to start thinking of a balanced diet in longer time-frames, and I’ve gotten better at understanding how my body changes over days and seasons.”

This leads me to this thought.

Supermarkets are responsible for our delusions of The Singularity.

Everything being available all the time everywhere now has messed with our metronome so much; zigged and zagged our zeitgebers till it’s no wonder with think we are accelerating towards timewave-zero.

It’s those bloody sugar-snap peas in January, I tell you.

Ray Kurzweil isn’t even that close to things – just popping vitamin supplements in his quest for longevity. Does he know when the Maris Piper are up?

Does he hell.

Therefore, The Singularity.

Repent and listen to Gardener’s Question Time, a show surely supported by The Long Now Foundation.

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