Stupid 20th Century Crap: The D & AD

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Stupid 20th Century Crap (the militaryindustrialcomplex, fast food, the petroleum economy, Cliff Richard) will haunt us for hundreds of years. But we can stop some of it now if we work hard at it.

I just did my bit by posting this in the feedback form of a very 20th Century brokenated website of a very 20th Century organisation promoting a very 20th century notion of design.

“Why create a link saying ‘book tickets’ only to link to a PDF? 1995 called, they want their internet back.

Then again, your notions of design authorship and superstardom are so thoroughly 20th Century perhaps this is to be expected. Icons? Puhleaze.”

Frank Nuovo is the head of design at Nokia of course – but vast teams of people contribute to the design of technology.

The D&AD is just propegating a myth of solo superstar design authorship to an audience that wants to believe. I have a big head of ranty steam built up about this, and the Hillary Cottam nonsense that I need to vent really, really soon.

0 thoughts on “Stupid 20th Century Crap: The D & AD

  1. totally – this is so shite – and their notions of industry-student benevolence aren’t much better either – it’s the spiritual equivalent of michelle pfeiffer’s dance in scarface

    and beware nuovo bearing his Virtu (another c.20 construct for sure) (or selling it to you in a ‘talk’ ) – he let me hold it once – i still feel soiled

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