Flickring TED

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Punting TEDsters, originally uploaded by The Kitten’s Toe.

As an addendum to the previous post – although there appears to be little written on blogs about TED Global, there are a whopping 254 pictures tagged as TED Global on Flickr.

The attendees, while too engrossed to write, were still able to snap away… Including this one of extropian anti-aging beard-king Aubrey De Grey on a punt!

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  2. I attended and enjoyed Ted Global. The organisers specifically suggested attendees to switch off e-mails and ‘be there’ to fully enjoy the experience. But also, the event was held in a small theatre, with only two hidden power outlets (some people with laptops ran in before each session trying to claim those) and I myself gave up posting any items after having tried to balance a laptop on my knees. However, Seth Godin, also in the audience, posted an item that should be of interest to you..

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