I’m not sure you can call it “Virtual Earth”

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If this is what you get when you search for London.

I love that there are places called “Sublimity City” and “Deer Lick” neighbouring the great metropolis.

0 thoughts on “I’m not sure you can call it “Virtual Earth”

  1. Believe it or not, London is a very common (hence, overloaded, in computing terms) city name. Heck, there’s a London (in Ontario, Canada) that’s about 90 minutes drive from where I’m sitting. You may argue that they ought to weight thier algorith to return the most “important” London first, but really, I think that’s a waste of breath when all you really need to do is provide a more specific search term.

  2. I dunno man, I had some of the best BBQ of my life in London, KY. If that *other* London has BBQ that good, I’d be shocked. 🙂
    Deer Lick is cool, but not as fancy as “French Lick” just north of it in Indiana. I mean, hey, a deer is a deer, but French is fancy.

  3. Man there goes MSN again, intuitive, on the ball, ahead fo the game, they know where ITs happening! Go microsoft, go! Meanwhile they lose another customer and still dont feel the roaring laughter on there back.

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