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Rather than a Rokr (and you have money to burn, can’t wait for n91, live in Japan)- how about Chris‘s idea of sticking a Nano on the back of the Talby? Probably still thinner that the Rokr.

Depressing quote of the day for anyone working in mobile experience design from Engadget:

1:27pm – Garriques [President of Motorola’s mobile phone division] on the ROKR: “It’s a great ARPU story.”


UPDATE: Peterme asks what “ARPU” is. I apologise – it’s jargon, much used in the cellphone industry, for “Average Revenue Per User” – the grail is finding applications and services that drive it skyward, and mobile music is seen by a lot of the industry as one of those.

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  1. It’s an interesting comment from Garriques anyway. The whole point of iTunes on mobile is to move the files between the PC and the phone — I’m just left to figure where the operator ARPU lies… No data transmission over the mobile network, no cut for the operator on songs.

    Makes me wonder.

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