Space is the place

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Swordplay, revolution-style, originally uploaded by blackbeltjones.

The Nintendo Revolution controller has been revealed, and I am predictably overexcited.

It’s made me more convinced that embodied and tangible interaction has a big, juicy, interesting mainstream future.

The video of it in action [via Russell Beattie] is wonderful, especially the way that a wide-range of genres of gaming and play can be inferred just from watching people’s movements and hearing a bit of soundtrack.

Who needs HiDef?

Or as Gillen puts it:

“Either you want more polygons or you want the Future.

Choose a side.

“Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!”

Also, go read Andy Losowsky’s imaginings of where the Revolution could take us:

“if it’s that depth sensitive, if you’ll be able to use it to draw outlines around things in the room? Or people?”

He also has some great ideas about possible other nunchuk-plug-in peripherals.

And I was just calming down again, too.

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  2. In the way that Fur have been hacking PS2 controllers, I wonder what hacks this will inspire. Because it’s already wireless, small and full of sensors, I’m imagining that simple hacks will be easier to achieve, for example: kicking games we might want to just tape the controller to our feet…

    BTW: the same video, but steadier is for download here.

  3. my thoughts.. Game structures, such as baddie count for example, an are really going to have to change. I’m fucked after 20 mins of wishy-washy on the eyetoy, imagine playing something like LotR or Prince of Persia and actually having to hack down every opponent.. there’s a world of difference between hitting X three times to kill someone and actually swishing your arms three times.

    However this may be a good thing as having to actually stab/hack/slash people might generate more emotional resonance, in the same way that you’re aware of the death of an animal when frying a fish rather than a mince… plus less baddies on screen means the ones that are get a bigger polygon count.

    Or am I mad?

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