I like this thought from Martin Geddes of why video conferences have never taken off:

“Without having something to gesticulate at — other participants, a diagram, the window — you’re left limp and lifeless. So perhaps there’s a Superman-style blue backdrop screen type of technology that can re-insert those elements.”

Perhaps this is a job for EyeToy hackers, or those with an iSight, Quartz Composer and a spare afternoon?
Bonus link: some lovely Quartz Composer work at zugakousaku.com

0 thoughts on “iGesticulate

  1. The lack of normal interaction IS a key element. However, I’d suggest the un-reality of the image is more a factor than lack of a shared whiteboard or similar.

    Have a read of this then click thru the Slashdot link to see something that DOES have a HUGE impact on Video Conferencing’s usability:
    Holographic 3D on your desktop

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