Snakes on a phone

The new version of Python for s60 is available, and looks to have a metric shed-load of interesting new capabilities:

The new version includes support for the following new features:

* 2D Graphics, Images, and Full-screen applications
* Camera and Screenshot API
* Contacts and Calendar API
* Sound recording and playback
* Access to System info, such as IMEI number, disk space, free memory, etc.
* Rich text display (fonts, colors, styles)
* Support for Scalable UI
* Expanded key events
* Telephone dialing
* ZIP module

Version 1.2 continues to include features from the 1.0 release, such as:

* Networking support for GPRS and Bluetooth
* On-device and remote Python console
* Support for native GUI widgets
* SMS sending
* Application build tool for packaging stand-alone application installers
* Compatible with all Series 60 1st and 2nd Edition devices

Aside from being able to make nice UIs with it – now that you can make stand-alone application installers, hopefully we’ll see a lot more innovation on s60 using this.

0 thoughts on “Snakes on a phone

  1. I don’t even need to tell anyone this is the best post title ever, but I just can’t let things like this go unremarked-upon. I am a dork like that.

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